woensdag 2 oktober 2013

PAIR at Proto Gallery

In december doe ik mee aan de tentoonstelling ' PAIR' bij de Proto Gallery
 te Hoboken, New Jersey. De opening is op 7 december 2013. Zodra ik meer informatie heb, zal ik een nieuw bericht plaatsen.

Proto Gallery:
Nick DePirro, President of Proto Gallery, has taken a Hurricane-damaged debris pile at 66 Willow Avenue and transformed it into a budding venue for contemporary art. As DePirro and his team worked through the destruction, they opened the gallery space for photography and videography projects, lending the space to crews from CBS and NPR, an artist filming her painting process, and a magazine photographing a fashion photo essay. After just a few months, many long nights, and a ton of drywall, Proto Gallery is up and running.

The gallery is located in the Neumann Leathers factory complex. Some parts of the building date back to the Civil War era, giving the space an old warehouse feel, and combined with the fresh gallery walls it has become a fascinating hybrid space. In addition, Proto Gallery is very large and spacious which will allow artists the capability to install sizable sculpture and installation work along with paintings.

DePirro wants Proto Gallery to be the backbone of the art community in Hoboken and to give art more of a presence in the Mile Square. When he talks about Proto Gallery, he says, “I want people to automatically see a Thursday night opening at Proto as a first stop before heading out to other destinations on a night out. I want people to purchase art for their homes and learn what it’s like to own and understand an actual piece of art by a real living artist.”

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